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We’re looking to hire a Website Designer & Developer to oversee our rapidly-expanding website wing. This will include building new sites, updating existing ones, managing the backend functions like hosting, domains, SEO, etc, and more.


Unison Media, based in New York City, is a market-leading Publicity, PR, Social Media and Website Design agency for Classical Music, Opera, and the Performing Arts We're a different kind of music company, and we take a uniquely integrated, cutting-edge and proactive approach to our work that sets us apart from the rest. Whether leading the market in publicity and promotion, managing some of the biggest social media accounts in the world, producing revolutionary events, building beautiful websites, and more, we never stop working to bring more beauty to the world.

Unison is expanding! We’re looking to hire a Website Coordinator to help with all areas of our rapidly-expanding website wing. This will include driving the website creation process forward with our clients, guiding the work of project managers, developers, designers, and content entry folks, and helping to update and modify existing sites. 

You DO NOT need extensive coding experience, but you DO need to enjoy the process of creating sites and building beautiful things out of nothing. You should also be people person who is spectacularly organized and has laser-like attention to detail, and ideally you also have a fantastic eye for design! And of course it wouldn't hurt if you have some experience with CSS, website content management systems, and various WYSIWYG website builder platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, etc (Webflow is our go-to, for the record).

To apply, please submit a brief but awesome cover letter, plus your finest resumé, to



After a brief part-time testing period, the position will be full-time, with salary and benefits commensurate with qualifications and experience.



  • Oversee website creation process for new clients
  • Conduct website consultation calls with incoming clients to determine work scope and get quotation from developers
  • Manage a team of developers, designers, and content entry folks, to ensure timely site creation and quality assurance
  • Manage client expectations and communicate with them in a timely fashion
  • Helping to develop and design new websites using our custom platform
  • Work directly with clients (as well as developers in some cases) to improve and update existing websites
  • Help handle miscellaneous modifications for other existing sites on platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, etc



  • Education & Experience - Bachelor's degree plus minimum three years of relevant experience. You should be wicked smaht.
  • Website development skillz – You should love the logic, structure, and beauty of a well-crafted website, and you should know CSS down cold. HTML is nice too, but not fully necessary for our site building needs.
  • Masterful sense of design – You should be like the Picasso of web design – a flair for eye-catching visuals, confident typography, and the ability to make anything you touch look like magic.
  • Laser-like attention to detail - You should be person who catches the little things that other people miss, especially when it comes to proofreading (did you catch the missing “the” at the start of this sentence? Good. Good for you.)
  • Hyper-efficiency - you should get a thrill out of doing things in the quickest way possible. If you like keyboard shortcuts, you're going to do very well here
  • Borderline-obsessive organization - Do you enjoy checking tasks off of your to do list? Does the word "workflow" perk your ears? You’re in the right place.
  • Ability to multi-task - You're going to be keeping a lot of plates spinning at the same time, and you need to be comfortable staying on top of everything and keeping several different projects in your mind all at once
  • Resourcefulness – Every day will present new adventures and challenges, and while you’ll have plenty of support in all that you do, we want someone who can learn how to learn, and become ever more capable of meeting future challenges on their own. Basically you should be like the classical music MacGyver (too young for the reference? Google it.)
  • Insanely great communication skills - It should be a giddy pleasure to interact with you. People should jump out of bed each morning with a dizzying anticipation at the thought of hearing your sweet, sweet voice.
  • Tech-savvy - We're cutting-edge and you should be too, a familiarity with all things digital and media-oriented are a must, or you should at least be a quick study
  • A flexible schedule - You'll need to be willing to work nights and weekends when we have concerts and events, after hours on occasion if the need should arise, and be willing to manage a crisis whenever it might occur
  • A passion for classical music and general aesthetics - We work to bring beauty to a world that desperately needs it, so if that doesn't excite you then you're in the wrong place

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