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Unison Media, based in New York City, is a market-leading, integrated music company with a new vision of how classical music, opera and the performing arts can be promoted. Our work ranges from publicity and branding to websites, social media and digital marketing. We also run a pair of concert series (The Crypt Sessions and The Angel’s Share) in a Crypt in Harlem that has been featured everywhere from The New York Times to NPR to Fox 5 News. We work with a range of incredible artists, ensembles and organizations, and we have a great time doing it.  

Unison is expanding! We’re looking to hire a Publicity & Marketing Coordinator to help keep our media relations and digital marketing operations running as smooth as butter. This entry-level position will work across all elements of PR, social media, and website building, as well as various executional and administrative - all of which are vital to keeping our well-oiled machine at maximum efficiency. And you'll help run our Crypt Sessions and Angel’s Share concert series, which are super fun.

To apply, please submit a brief but mind-blowing cover letter, plus your finest resumé, to


Education & Experience
Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, and a bit of working experience certainly wouldn’t hurt. Either way, you should be wicked smaht.

A winning personality
There should be a radiant halo of sunshine and effervescent joy surrounding you.

A passion for classical music and general aesthetics
We work to bring beauty to a world that desperately needs it, so if that doesn't excite you then you're in the wrong place my friend.

Every day will present new adventures and challenges, and while you’ll have plenty of support in all that you do, we want someone who can learn how to learn, and become ever more capable of meeting future challenges on their own. Basically you should be like the classical music MacGyver (too young for the reference? Google it.)

Adaptability, and a desire to learn new skills
We are not your granddaddy’s PR firm. We incorporate a proprietary mix of traditional and digital media strategies and tactics that have brought us to the top of the industry in a few short years. We’re building the future, and in doing so we need to pivot and adapt in the directions where we find growth. So you need to be able to move like us if you want to be a fit…

Insanely great communication skills
It should be a giddy pleasure to interact with you. People should jump out of bed each morning with a dizzying anticipation at the thought of hearing your sweet, sweet voice.

Laser-like attention to detail
You should be person who catches the little things that other people miss, especially when it comes to proofreading (did you catch the missing “the” at the start of this sentence? Good. Good for you.)

You should get a thrill out of doing things in the quickest way possible. If you like keyboard shortcuts, you're going to do very well here

Borderline-obsessive organization
Do you enjoy checking tasks off of your to do list? Does the word "workflow" perk your ears? You’re in the right place.

Ability to multi-task
You're going to be keeping a lot of plates spinning at the same time, and you need to be comfortable staying on top of everything and keeping several different projects in your mind all at once

We're cutting-edge and you should be too, a familiarity with all things digital and media-oriented are a must, or you should at least be a quick study

A flexible schedule
We have a lot of concerts and events, an you need to be willing to work nights and weekends to help cover them. It can be intense at times, but at the same time, your *job* is to *listen to incredible music*…so it’s not that terrible.

Social Media experience
The interwebs should fascinate you, and the power of social media should be something that inspires and energizes you (beyond just funny GIFs and cat photos)

Website-building experience
Ideally you've had experience building websites, and maybe even have some CSS/HTML coding under your belt – though if not, you shall learn, young Padawan.


Coordinating and executing various elements of publicity, social media and digital marketing

Liaising with independent contractors

Maintaining our media contact lists

Monitoring and tracking media placements

Managing press at events

Communicating with presenters and other publicity departments

Assist in website design and creation

Generate reporting across numerous areas of Unison's work

Organize and maintain internal storage of client assets

Manage internal and external schedules

Assist with planning and execution of Unison's Crypt Sessions concert series


This is a full-time position with salary and benefits commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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