What We Do

Unison Media is committed to exploring new ways to present and promote music and those who create and perform it.

We believe in a holistic approach – publicity, social media or marketing on their own no longer have an impact, and it’s only when they are combined in a cohesive, coordinated fashion that you start to get real results.

We at Unison are able to oversee any or all aspects of a campaign and take it to the next level.

Don’t need the holistic approach? Order à la carte from our

Individual Services

Website creation

Let us make you a beautiful, responsive website – like this one, but more you.


We’ll source the top photographers and videographers for your budget, work with you on planning and moodboards, and run things on shoot day.

Social Media

We can manage your various social media outlets, posting content, running campaigns and growing your fanbase. 

Public Relations

Want someone to promote you to the media, generate stories and coverage, and grow your profile? We can do that.

Radio Promotion

If you have a new recording, we will service and promote it to the key national, regional and local U.S. stations.

Online Advertising

Let us handle your online marketing campaign, from copy-writing to keywords to optimization, we do it right.

Some Media Outlets Secured

What We’ve Done

Some highlights from past campaigns

NPR - Joyce DiDonato at Stonewall Inn

Joyce DiDonato sings Purcell's “When I Am Laid In Earth” at iconic New York City gay bar The Stonewall Inn, a tribute to Mark Carson, who was killed in a hate crime just blocks away in the West Village.

New York Times - Conrad Tao ‘In Performance’

Conard Tao performs the third movement of Prokofiev’s Seventh Piano Sonata for the New York Times ‘In Performance.’

New York Times - Kathleen Ferrier Feature

A profile of contralto Kathleen Ferrier for the centennial of her birth, heavily featuring a 3CD set I was tasked to promote.


What they say 

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Ben Jordan Mac Kain

General Manager

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Larry Jane

General Manager