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Unison Media is a Publicity, PR, Social Media and Website Design agency for Classical Music, Opera, and the Performing Arts

We're a different kind of music company. At Unison, we take a uniquely integrated, cutting-edge and proactive approach to our work that sets us apart from the rest.

Whether leading the market in publicity and promotion, managing some of the biggest social media accounts in the world, producing revolutionary events, building beautiful websites, and more, we never stop working to bring more beauty to the world.

We're here to help you be heard.

A few of our clients...

Publicity & Social Media

We want to tell a better story about classical music.

On their own, publicity, social media, branding or marketing no longer have a meaningful impact - it’s only when they're combined in a cohesive, coordinated fashion that you start to get real results.

Our uniquely integrated, holistic and proactive approach has brought us to some of the biggest artists in the world, and we'll never stop exploring new ways to tell their stories.

Unison Media : New York, NY Classical Music PR Firm & Web Design
Recent News & Press
News & Press : Unision Media
March 22, 2021

The series of 60+ videos, each under a minute, is designed to teach developing artists the key concepts of branding, publicity, social media, and marketing

News & Press : Unision Media
January 8, 2021

PROTOTYPE's Beth Morrison speaks to Associated Press about the festival's experimental virtual season.

News & Press : Unision Media
December 23, 2020

Andrew speaks to Con Fuoco about how he formed Unison based on the principles of honesty, transparency, and holding himself and his staff to a higher standard of results.


We're here to guide you through it all.

Not everyone needs full-scale publicity campaigns. We offer affordable hourly consulting that can help to gain clarity, refine strategy, learn best practices, or just ask those burning questions you have about the industry...


You need a website.
We can help.

Everyone needs a beautiful website, but not everyone can build one themselves, or afford to pay the inflated prices that some developers charge.

We create beautiful, functional, affordable artist websites that meet any budget.

A few examples of our websites...

Bella Hristova : Unison MediaJeremy Denk : Unison MediaConrad Tao : Unison MediaSarah Kirkland Snider : Unison Media
John Holiday : Unison MediaStefan Jackiw : Unison MediaOlga Kulchynska : Unison Media
Andrew Ousley
Founder & President

Andrew Ousley spent a decade at the top of the classical record industry before forming Unison in 2015 and rapidly establishing it as one of the top PR/Marketing companies for classical music, opera and the performing arts. He also founded the acclaimed non-profit Death of Classical, where he presents classical music and opera performances in a Crypt in Harlem and a Catacomb in Brooklyn. In his nonexistent spare time, he also runs Burger Club.

Alex Rainer
Sr. Publicity & Marketing Account Manager

Alex is a seasoned PR pro with an Oregon Trail-length track record of results, and he brings his winning charm, whip-crack efficiency, and cutting-edge digital savvy to all that he does at Unison. In addition to rocking the publicity world, he also happens to be a soul-blasting singer-songwriter and guitarist, and his photography has been published in lesser-known journals like The New York Times.

Mackenzie Horne
Publicity & Marketing Account Manager

Mackenzie is known far and wide for her golden quill and rapier wit, which she's used to craft Shakespeare-level narratives for clients ranging from cutting-edge jazz musicians to some of Pittsburgh's hottest restaurants. Now she's using her gifts to tell a powerful and purposeful story about artists and their musical vision. Also fun fact - she grew up next to an emu farm... ask her about it!

Alonso Jordan Lopez
Publicity & Marketing Coordinator

Alonso's golden pipes are matched only by his golden soul, and the passion and commitment he brings to everything he does at Unison. He offers a veritable panoply of skills and experience - from handling operations at a theater, to shooting and editing performance videos, to running the office at an Alzheimer's Foundation - and he does it all with efficiency, effectiveness, and an unerring sense of style. Oh, and he also has officially unseated Andrew as Unison's leading expert on Maria Callas...

Erin Rose Elliott
Publicity & Marketing Coordinator

Erin brings a veritable panoply of skills to the team at Unison, from her formal training in PR and communications to graphic design, web development, social media, and more, spread across creative fields that include music, theater, writing, art history, and circus (ask her about that one!). She's also a recovering oboist, so be gentle with her...

Tyra Dant
Office Manager

Tyra is the oil that keeps the Unison Machine operating at maximum capacity...she keeps the trains running on time, keeps the lights shining brightly, and stops Andrew from setting things on fire. She also sings the blues like it's nobody's damn business...

Yiching Sung
Graphic Designer

We live in a visual culture, and it's precisely for that reason that we leave everything to Yiching when it comes to design. She's like a pyromanic King Midas, since everything she touches instantly turns to hot, fiery gold.

Fay Eva
Style Consultant

Fay keeps our clients (and us) looking our Sunday Best no matter what day of the week it is. Whether styling photoshoots, sourcing clothing for events, or forging brand partnerships with designers, she makes sure we're always dressed to impress.

President Emeritus

All hail Gizmo...The Untamed, King of the Kitty Castle, Father of Hairballs, Sailor of the Great Catnip Sea, Breaker of Feather Toys, Scratcher of Couches, and Lord Protector of the Realm.

What the media says about us

"This Entrepreneur Is Giving Classical Music A Radical Makeover"

"Unison continues to rewrite the narrative on classic music, bringing their clients into the mainstream and changing the way classical musicians are portrayed."

"The triumph of curator and impresario Andrew Ousley, is the dream, cockeyed as all great visions must be, to present classical music in brief, vivid form."

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