About Unison

What We Believe

We take a uniquely integrated, holistic approach to things that sets us apart from the rest.

Whether leading the market in publicity and promotion, managing some of the biggest social media accounts in the world, producing and presenting our two concert acclaimed series (The Crypt Sessions and The Angel's Share), building beautiful and affordable websites, and more, we never stop working to bring more beauty to the world.

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from some folks we’ve worked with.

“Innovative, versatile from artistic to marketing, passionate and dedicated‎. That’s Andrew Ousley.”

Jean-Philippe Rolland

Warner Classics - Senior Vice President of Artists and Repertoire, New Business Development

“Andrew is a lovely, professional person who knows how to get the right results. You can be sure you are in good hands working with him!”

Marina Rebeka


“Andrew is great with digital media, and really understands how the different parts of a campaign fit in with each other.”

Speranza Scappucci


Meet The Team

Andrew Ousley

Founder & President

Andrew Ousley formed Unison in 2015, and rapidly established it as one of the top PR/Marketing companies for classical music, opera and the performing arts. He formed the company based on the principles of honesty, transparency, and holding himself and his staff to a higher standard of results.

Andrew also curates, presents and produces Unison's award-winning concert series The Crypt Sessions, which was included among The New York Times'"Best Classical Music Performances of 2017." In 2018 he launched a sister series, The Angel's Share, in the Catacombs of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, which was featured in Vogue, The New York Times, NPR and many more, and whose opening opera The Rose Elf was WQXR's 'Best New Opera of 2018.

Before forming Unison, Andrew spent a decade at the top of major record labels, working at EMI and Warner Classics, and overseeing the marketing, promotion, publicity and project management of fourteen #1 albums, from core classical to crossover to Fifty Shades of Grey - The Classical Album.

In his spare time, Andrew runs Burger Club, and his photographs have been published in the Associated Press, Newsweek, New York Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer and more.

Alex Rainer

Sr. Publicity & Marketing Manager

Alex is a seasoned PR pro with an Oregon Trail-length track record of results, and he brings his winning charm, whip-crack efficiency, and cutting-edge digital savvy to all that he does at Unison. In addition to rocking the publicity world, he also happens to be a soul-blasting singer-songwriter and guitarist, and his photography has been published in lesser-known journals like The New York Times. He's also fluent in Polish, in case you were wondering.

Daniel Zillmann


Daniel has promoted opera at the highest levels, in the finest houses, throughout this great country of ours. Now, he's harnessing his seasoned PR expertise and Zen-like calming presence in order to promote Unison's magnificent vocal and opera clients, telling an ever-better story about them to an ever-larger audience.

Jack De Gilio

Publicity & Marketing Coordinator

Jack comes to Unison bright-eyed and bushy-tailed straight out of college, ready to help us conquer the world. His savvy skillset spans social media, publicity, writing, design, and much more, and his work experience has taken him from PR behemoths Carmichael Lynch Relate and Cornerstone to the gloriously irreverent comedy troupe Blogologues.

Maia Kelly

Death of Classical - Arts Administration Associate

When Maia isn't tearing it up on the violin, blowing minds and breaking hearts of audiences near and far, she's helping make magic happen at Death of Classical with our two acclaimed concert series, The Crypt Sessions and The Angel's Share - whether it be artistic admin, marketing, PR, ticketing, or just keeping Andrew from going insane from inhaling too much Catacomb dust.  Fun fact: she's also highly proficient at riding the unicycle.

Jenni Klauder

Sr. Marketing & Media Manager

Jenni is the total package: brains, brawn, and a highly-trained soprano voice. When she's not serenading the heavens, she's bringing her marketing know-how and social media savvy - from both inside the music industry and outside of it, having sharpened her skills to razor-sharp levels at a fast-rising tech startup - to make magic happen here at Unison.

Tyra Dant

Office Assistant

Tyra is the oil that keeps the Unison Machine operating at maximum capacity...she keeps the trains running on time, keeps the lights shining brightly, and stops Andrew from setting things on fire. She also sings the blues like it's nobody's damn business...

Yiching Sung

Graphic Designer

We live in a visual culture, and it's precisely for that reason that we leave everything to Yiching when it comes to design. She's like a pyromanic King Midas, since everything she touches instantly turns to hot, hot fire.

Linneah Anders

Video Editor

When one of our clients' videos goes viral, chances are Linneah had a hand in the making of it, Known far and wide as "The Scorsese of YouTube," she brings her quick wit, sure hand, and impeccable timing to the many videos we produce.

Fay Eva

Style Consultant

Fay keeps our clients (and us) looking our Sunday Best no matter what day of the week it is. Whether styling photoshoots, sourcing clothing for events, or forging brand partnerships with designers, she makes sure we're always dressed to impress.



All hail Peepers...The Untamed, Queen of the Kitty Castle, Mother of Hairballs, Khaleesi of the Great Catnip Sea, Breaker of Toys, Scratcher of Couches, and Lord Protector of the Realm.

Andrew Ousley


With more than a decade of experience in the music industry, Andrew Ousley has worked with artists such as Joyce DiDonato, Natalie Dessay, Alison Balsom, The Ébène Quartet, HJ Lim, The Knights and many more.

He has overseen the marketing, promotion, publicity and project management of fourteen #1 albums, from core classical to crossover to Fifty Shades of Grey - The Classical Album.

Bonnie Bi

Marketing Ninja

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